Luxury platform Arianee secures Series A funding

Luxury platform Arianee secures Series A funding
Courtesy of Arianee

The luxury and fashion platform Arianee has raised 20M EUR in Series A funding. This follows an 8M EUR funding round last year, as reported by Vogue Business. Arianee is one of the key startups in Europe helping to shape the conversation around NFTs in luxury and fashion.

Arianee is comprised of the Arianee Project, an association that manages the open source part of the technology, and Arianee SAS, a software-as-a-service firm based on blockchain technology. Paris Fashion Week, Printemps, Breitling and other brands have used the platform to mint NFTs.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and co-founder of Arianne, is quoted from a statement saying that “Web3 is eating the world and we believe brands can leverage this revolution to regain control of their digital presence.” Despite the carnage seen on crypto markets in recent days there seems to be no slowdown of venture capital spread around promising digital fashion startups.

The ARIA20 coin that powers the Arianee ecosystem is currently priced at $0.54. It is down 77.0% for the year to date.