Copyright Cartel DAO offers membership NFTs

Copyright Cartel DAO offers membership NFTs
Cypherpunk CC:0 Streetwear Pop Up Series

The Copyright Cartel (CC:0) DAO is offering membership NFTs with a special 3D Projector Head avatar collection. CC:0 DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO focusing on fashion, art, music and other creative sectors. It is part of the DIGITALAX ecosystem, which nurtures a fiercely independent digital fashion community.

Courtesy of CC:0 DAO

CC:0 membership NFTs can be purchased from the DIGITALAX Patrons platform, which is the route to receiving the custom avatar with unique traits depending on the tier purchased and the rarity. Membership to the DAO can also be attained by organizing a Creative Commons fashion project in which the completed piece takes the form of a NFT that is sold with proceeds going to the DAO treasury.

When the CC:0 announcement was made this week the price of the Monavale (MONA) coin gained 54% in 24 hours. Currently the price sits at $428.91 USD and is down 2.2%. MONA is the primary token for the DIGITALAX platform and ecosystem.