DIGIFIZZY Magazine Drops Issue #11

The metaverse monthly magazine DIGIFIZZY dropped issue #11 with a special focus on CC0 – or open access – content. Designed and published by DIGITALAX, the independent and decentralized protocol stack for Web3 fashion, the issue is offered in three viewing modes: map, web, magazine. The editorial content is complemented by unlockable NFT bundles that can be purchased by the reader and are minted on Matic Network.

Insert from DIGIFIZZY #11

DIGIFIZZY is characterized by its cypherpunk aesthetic and collage-style DIY approach. The magazine pages are full of everything from hand-drawn cartoons to hand-written manifestoes on the revolutionary potential of CC0-enabled blockchain systems. With coverage on companies and creatives that are highly productive yet undervalued in the space, DIGIFIZZY is a vital resource for a ground-level view of avant-garde practices in digital fashion. For more information on the contents of this issue visit the DIGITALAX Medium.