DIGITALAX partners with HEAT on dance collection

DIGITALAX partners with HEAT on dance collection
Courtesy of HEAT

The web3 fashion marketplace DIGITALAX and the new motion data marketplace HEAT have partnered on a collection that unites digital fashion with dance. The collaboration is described on the DIGITALAX blog as being in the interest of exploring how digital fashion can be used to emphasize movement in virtual spaces.

Panther Modern, 3D artist and co-founder of HEAT, collaborated with three artists from the Global Design Network to create digital fashion that uses dance. Global Design Network is an on-chain DAO for the open web3 fashion movement and is part of the DIGITALAX ecosystem.

HEAT has a club in virtual world Cryptovoxels where the pieces in this collection are displayed. Panther Modern was involved in digital fashion in 2021 at the inaugural META GALA, where he created the 3D afterparty for the event.

The auction goes live on 22 April 2022 on the DIGITALAX marketplace. The creators are donating 42.5% of the profits to UkraineDAO and 42.5% to designers in the GDN that have been directly impacted by the war.