DRESSX is first mover with layered clothing feature in Roblox

DRESSX is first mover with layered clothing feature in Roblox
Courtesy of Roblox x DRESSX

DRESSX has become the first brand to use the new layered clothing feature on the gaming platform Roblox. This feature enables users to mix and match digital fashion styles into 3D looks.

DRESSX is dropping a collection on Roblox utilizing this feature that consists of 12 items made specifically for the platform. Glossy has the exclusive report and reveals that the collection includes casual garments and special artist collabs. The collection effectively diversifies the utility of DRESSX garments across its app, AR products and gaming.

IT-Bag of the Metaverse by DIVERGE, courtesy of DRESSX

DRESSX is red hot as of late, announcing high profile partnerships one after the other. Co-founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova state that the Roblox collection will be updated on a weekly basis, which is indicative of the prodigious pace of output of DRESSX.

There is a large market to capture within Roblox, which has 230M registered players on the platform and 30M players online daily. Those users have created over 2,000 items of clothing and accessories in the last few weeks, which is an immense potential that is being activated by the creativity and functionality that DRESSX is providing.