Gucci joins SuperRare DAO

Gucci joins SuperRare DAO
SUPERGUCCI, courtesy of Gucci

The iconic brand Gucci has purchased $25,000 worth of $RARE tokens and effectively joined SuperRare DAO. The plan for the brand is to launch the Gucci Vault "Art Space" on the SuperRare platform for an exhibition of NFT artworks. Gucci has been a relatively early and consistent adopter of web3 initiatives. This latest move sees the brand venturing into the exciting but still mostly uncharted land of DAOs.

The exhibition “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” is a series of collectible pieces that consider Gucci’s legacy and future. As reported by CoinDesk, the partnership marks the first time the fashion house participates in a DAO, which also gives Gucci governance rights within the SuperRare community. As a leader in the space Gucci may very well start the next wave, as the fashion industry has shown a considerable hunger for participating in web3 projects. Fascinating questions about decentralization and autonomy will be raised when considering how a huge company like Gucci will participate in the activities of a DAO.

Early June by Dārta Katrīna, courtesy of Gucci Vault

The SuperRare DAO was formed last year as a way to evolve the popular NFT platform into a decentralized curation model. $RARE token holders collectively govern the SuperRare DAO, which oversees key platform parameters and allocates funds from the Community Treasury.

The Gucci Vault is an experimental concept space from the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele. Its offerings include rare vintage Gucci pieces alongside exclusive capsule collections, limited-edition styles and other items from a selection of brands.