Helsinki Fashion Week focuses on hybrid products

Helsinki Fashion Week focuses on hybrid products
Courtesy of Digital Village

Helsinki Fashion Week has announced that its upcoming edition will devote a special focus to hybrid products. These types of products merge the physical and the digital and are sometimes called "phygital". Helsinki Fashion Week is set for August 5-7, 2022 and will likely also be a hybrid affair, offering both IRL fashion shows and online experiences.

Fashion United quotes the organization saying, “The lines between physical and digital are more blurred than ever. It isn’t a question of which one is better, but rather of how the two worlds can coexist in a mutually beneficial symbiosis.” Helsinki Fashion Week most recently partnered with the metaverse platform Digital Village to explore digital fashion, and that relationship seems likely to continue with the focus for this new edition.

Courtesy of Digital Village x Helsinki Fashion Week

The link between these two organizations is Evelyn Mora, who founded Helsinki Fashion Week and who is also the founder and CEO of Digital Village. Digital Village recently finished an auction for land parcels in the virtual world it is developing.

Helsinki Fashion Week was an early adopter of the metaverse and digital fashion. Their 2020 edition was the site of the pioneering experience Fabric of Reality, which showcased designers like Damara Inglês and Charli Cohen who were exploring the use of AR and VR in fashion.