IRL + URL = The week in review

IRL + URL = The week in review
Photo by Highlight ID / Unsplash
The week ending Friday, September 23, 2022 marked the passage from New York Fashion Week to London Fashion Week. And as we write this Milan Fashion Week is already in full swing, with Paris Fashion Week just around the corner. Is digital fashion+luxury in the mix? Dive into the major stories that marked the last seven days and find out! 💦  

WWD posted an exploration of the use of avatars in fashion. This is the wave. Don't expect it to crest any time soon. // WWD

Office Magazine interviews the Institute of Digital Fashion on the occasion of their major campaign that launched during London Fashion Week. See what Cattytay and Leanne are cooking up for the future. // Office Magazine

Vogue Business partnered with Epic Games on a Metaverse Atelier. The virtual event focused on the designers who are shaping digital fashion. // Vogue Business

RED DAO reintroduced themselves to the digital fashion community in a lengthy post that explained who they are, where they come from and where they're going. // Mirror

BNV is set to launch a metaverse world that will address the fashion industry with visual splendor, citing the lack of quality graphics in existing platforms (true indeed!). // Decrypt

Alibaba makes a massive metaverse shopping experience. No sleep till Shanghai! // Alizila

Tribute Brand teases a collab with Show Studio and uglyworldwide. You had our curiosity, now you have our attention! 👀 // Twitter

Collina Strada partners with Heartdub on a butterfly-themed digital fashion collection. // Hypebae

Vogue Singapore explores the growing segment of digital beauty. This is the next 🌊. Be ready for it. // Vogue Singapore

Elite World Group joins the party and begins creating 3D avatars of their models. Remember, hybrid is the way forward. Embrace the abundance. // WWD

Courtesy of Tribute Brand x uglyworldwide
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