Lady Pheønix talks with nft now about culture and digital fashion

Touching on technology, identity, the genesis of the Metacene and much more. This interview is part of Runway, a new digital fashion series published by nft now.

Lady Pheønix talks with nft now about culture and digital fashion

In a recent interview with nft now, Lady Pheønix, Founder/CEO of CFW, discussed the evolving relationship between fashion and web3. Throughout the conversation, Lady Pheønix provided insight into her creative process, the role of NFTs in the fashion industry, and the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the traditional fashion market.

Lady Pheønix also discussed creating a more sustainable fashion industry. She explained that digital fashion can reduce waste and emissions associated with traditional fashion production, while NFTs can provide a new revenue stream for designers and artists. Throughout the conversation, Lady Pheønix highlighted the importance of experimentation and collaboration. She also discussed the challenges of working with emerging technology, such as AI, and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. This is a recap of some of the key highlights and quotes from the conversation. Connect to nft now for the full interview.

Courtesy of CFW Studio

Why digital fashion?

I’m bullish on digital fashion because it presents us with a wearable record of consciousness. What we wear signals what we value.

The big picture.

We’re currently experiencing the greatest shift in human history characterized by the integration of digital technology into every detail of our lives. We’re embarking on the genesis of the Metacene, where digital technology and science are the dominant cultural forces. We have the opportunity to shape the beginning of a new era with well-being, beauty, and intention. The only way to do that is through new agreements, community, and culture.

The missing ingredient.

I use the term “people of culture” instead of “people of color” because the phrase people of color is problematic. Culture is lacking in Web3, and in particular digital fashion. For digital fashion to go mainstream, we need The Culture involved.
Courtesy of CFW Studio

True artists, true vision.

All the artists and designers we’ve worked with in our shows METAGALA and Crypto Fashion Week are true visionaries who don’t chase trends or even try to set them. Instead, they express themselves in a manner that is unique to their culture(s) and identities. You can’t go wrong when you stay true to yourself.

The path to success.

The success of digitally native fashion brands will depend on their ability to differentiate themselves from traditional fashion brands, provide a seamless user experience, and build strong relationships with their customers through storytelling, strategic marketing, innovation, and a unique brand identity.

AI is the wave.

The intersection of generative AI and fashion has both exciting possibilities and important ethical considerations. It will be necessary for the fashion industry to approach this intersection with awareness and responsibility, and to prioritize the development of a more diverse, sustainable, and ethical fashion industry.
Courtesy of CFW Studio

Starting from zero.

I often say that fashion is layer zero of the metaverse. Digital fashion challenges us to define our identity and contributions to a collective digital future. Each of us has a choice in who we want to be, how we show up, and what tribe we add our voice and vision to.

Keywords to come.

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