Large brands landing on Discord for web3 plays

Large brands landing on Discord for web3 plays
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

A growing wave of large brands have been announcing their presence on the social app Discord in the past week. Luxury fashion house Prada opened up a Discord server that they titled Prada Crypted. Leading men's magazine GQ opened a Discord server under a web3 corporate initiative named GQ3. Closely-watched streetwear magazine Highsnobiety launched their Discord server and also purchased an ENS domain to do web3 business under.

As the preferred tool for the web3 community, Discord has enjoyed wide adoption as both a community gathering point and a place to conduct business. The app was originally built for gamers to share experiences through voice and video but is now being utilized by anyone who wishes to speak the lingua franca of the space.

Discord is favored because of the large amount of discussion threads one can organize servers into, also because of the ability to utilize bots to do administrative tasks. It is a highly composable platform, but it is sometimes thought to be incoherent and it is also critiqued for not being a secure communications tool.

Discord has been plagued by phishing scams and spam bots, to the extent that many consider it an open field of opportunities for bad actors. A recent essay published in Vice details the challenges faced in securing crypto projects on Discord.

Despite these challenges the popularity of the platform is not waning, and we can expect many more IRL brands to hop into servers of their own in the near future. It remains to be seen who will build a dapp that better serves the needs for community organizing and communication in a multi-chain internet.