Metaverse Fashion Week returns with interoperable ambitions

The event made a big splash in 2022 with its inaugural edition. It returns in March 2023 for #digitalfashionmonth with a lineup of IRL + URL brands and dreams of attaining the Holy Grail of interoperability.

Metaverse Fashion Week returns with interoperable ambitions
Courtesy of Decentraland

The publicity campaign has begun for Metaverse Fashion Week, which returns to Decentraland from March 28-31, 2023. The big feature of this year's event is interoperability between open metaverses and the resulting potential for digital fashion. The partner metaverses in this effort are Spatial and OVER.

The curatorial theme for Metaverse Fashion Week is Future Heritage. This thematic is an attempt to connect digital native designers with legacy brands. Participating IRL brands include D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, DUNDAS, DKNY and others. Participating digital fashion brands include DRESSX, Institute of Digital Fashion, The Fabricant, INJURY and more.

There are a multitude of competitions that are aimed at increasing engagement across the various platforms. Also, many panel discussions are planned along with exhibitions. The schedule will be very full and could easily spread out over two week. Last year Metaverse Fashion Week created a lot of buzz, but it also took some criticism for the less than impressive visual qualities of the Decentraland platform as well as its unreliable technical interface. It remains to be seen if the event takes a greater leap forward, creatively and conceptually, bringing digital fashion into a future heritage that many in the space are working continuously to nurture and shape.