Nike – Yuga Labs – L’Oréal – Adidas // Week in review

Nike – Yuga Labs – L’Oréal – Adidas // Week in review
Photo by George Pagan III / Unsplash
The dust is still settling from the FTX detonation, but make no mistake – crypto is not dead! Meanwhile Nike set off an explosion of its own in the space, while Yuga Labs continues on its quest to consolidate premiere web3 IP. Adidas is turning heads with its new networked collection and L’Oréal is making overtures to avatars. These are the crucial headlines in digital fashion+luxury for the week ending Friday, 18 November, 2022.

Nike made the biggest ripples in the space this week by launching their co-creation studio .SWOOSH. The heavy hitters and heritage brands are all in with web3. // Twitter

In other huge news in the space, Yuga Labs purchased Wenew Labs and 10KTF Shop. SEC investigation be damned! 😬 // Twitter

L’Oréal announces a major partnership with Ready Player Me. Digital beauty is here. Make your avatar shine. // WWD

Adidas goes wild with the next phase of their Into the Metaverse project. Interoperable wearables are next. The general feedback we're seeing says that the lewks are 🔥 ! // Hypebeast

MLLN, a digital footwear design studio, gets the profile treatment from Highsnobiety. Lots of exciting things on the horizon here. // Highsnobiety

Elsewhere in digital sneakers, Vyking dropped their debut signature shoe. For more about the company, check out our interview with the co-founder.  // Twitter

Genies sent out a news release highlighting their general success with their Studio app and their marketplace The Warehouse. The field is getting crowded with co-creation platforms. BTW, who's for creator royalties? 🧐 // PR Newswire

Staying with platforms, DRESSX turned to a subscription model. Hypemoon explores their new strategy. // Hypemoon

Hypemoon also posted an interview with Charli Cohen about her platform RSTLSS. A lot of people are waiting for this one! // Hypemoon

Circular Fashion Summit is coming up in early December. Check out the program. // Circular Fashion Summit

Art in Space in Dubai is hosting an Avatar Show Day in partnership with Dubai Fashion Week. // Twitter

Hypemoon explains what metamarketing is with the help of // Hypemoon

Ying Gao brings robotics to digital fashion. Channel your inner android with this collection. // Yahoo

Blockster posts a write-up on Metaverse Fashion Council. DAO or die! // Blockster

Courtesy of Adidas
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