Roblox partners with Karlie Kloss on designer showcase

Roblox partners with Karlie Kloss on designer showcase
Photo by Oberon Copeland / Unsplash

Popular gaming platform Roblox has announced a partnership with model Karlie Kloss for the "Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase". The experience offers five different pop-ups with community-created fashion collections. Each pop-up corresponds to the work of one selected Roblox designer.

Kloss worked with the designers on the curation of their collections. All garments can be purchased in the virtual pop-ups, which are spread throughout various areas of the platform. Fashion United quotes Kloss as saying "Roblox and its community of digital designers are revolutionising how people express themselves online, uninhibited by the limitations of the physical world."

Courtesy of Roblox x Builder Boy

Roblox has become a platform of choice for fashion and luxury brands looking to enter the metaverse through a known quantity with a wide audience. In fact, gaming has become the key frontier that big brands are hoping to capitalize on. Kloss had a hand in digital fashion previously through her collaboration with The Fabricant.