RTFKT engineers Nike Dunk Genesis

RTFKT engineers Nike Dunk Genesis
Courtesy of RTFKT x Nike

The digital streetwear studio RTFKT has revealed their first collaborative project with Nike, which follows their recent acquisition by Nike. The Nike Dunk Genesis was introduced on Twitter to great fanfare. It is part of the CryptoKicks line, which was trademarked by Nike in an advance step of their web3 play.

The Nike Dunk Genesis was hidden inside of a box-shaped monolith that RTFKT airdropped to holders of their popular PFP project Clone X. The contents of the monolith were shrouded in mystery for a time, while the studio also airdropped a customizable space pod which functions as living quarters for the Clone X avatars. All of these elements coincide in an elaborate transmedia narrative that distinguishes RTFKT and their imaginative projects.

Each sneaker comes equipped with a skin vial. When activated, the sneaker takes on the traits assigned by the vial. It is not yet clear how many traits and looks will be available. This element of chance recalls the mint vial that RTFKT dropped as part of the Clone X project. When the vial was activated the type of avatar and its corresponding traits was revealed.

RTFKT is known in the space for a number of splashy drops that cemented their legacy before being acquired by Nike. Perhaps most famously the studio collaborated with crypto artist Fewocious on a hybrid sneaker that generated in excess of $3M in sales in a mater of minutes. Other collaborators of the studio include artist Takashi Murakami and designer Jeff Staple, along with brands like Atari and legacy PFP project CryptoPunks.