RTFKT teams up with Byredo for digital beauty drop

RTFKT teams up with Byredo for digital beauty drop
Courtesy of RTFKT

Celebrated digital wearables studio RTFKT recently announced a partnership with perfuming giant Byredo. The two companies will work on bringing fragrance and perfume into the metaverse with a project called Alphameta. The fragrances will be available as limited edition collectible "elements" for the RTFKT avatar ecosystem.

As is customary for RTFKT, expanded utility is at the core of all their concepts. The fragrances can be assembled into unique combinations by users from the 26 different elements available, which are named after various emotions. What will result are "wearable auras" for the CloneX avatars by RTFKT. Forging will also be a part of this digital beauty product, as IRL bottles of crafted scents can be made which will come with NFC tags that are linked to the Alphameta NFTs.

RTFKT has been weaving a whole transmedia world for some time now, and all of their drops have a role to play. Meanwhile a nascent digital beauty industry has been taking shape, with large brands entering the metaverse and attempting to translate their fragrances and makeup into virtual experiences.

No dates have been announced for the Alphameta drop. RTFKT currently has their Space Drip co-creation project open for a limited time for forging.