Newmoon Accelerator welcomes first cohort

Newcoin Foundation has initiated an accelerator program focused on web3 and design. Newmoon Accelerator [https://www.newmoon.ac/] operates out of the Dubai Design District to provide 360-degree mentoring for startups entering web3

DIGITALAX partners with HEAT on dance collection

The web3 fashion marketplace DIGITALAX and the new motion data marketplace HEAT have partnered on a collection that unites digital fashion with dance. The collaboration is described on the DIGITALAX blog [https://blog.

Copyright Cartel DAO offers membership NFTs

The Copyright Cartel (CC:0) DAO [https://docs.cc0dao.xyz/] is offering membership NFTs with a special 3D Projector Head avatar collection. CC:0 DAO is a dedicated Web3 Creative Commons DAO focusing