The 2023 CFW Survey

The purpose of this survey is to document the thoughts of the community forming around digital fashion and web3. We invite you to contribute in shaping the emerging digital fashion culture with your opinions and insight.

The 2023 CFW Survey
Courtesy of CFW Studio

Attention all digital fashionistas! We're thrilled to partner with you in shaping the emerging digital fashion culture by participating in The 2023 CFW Survey.

As technology continues to revolutionize the fashion industry, it's crucial to gain insight into how creatives and users perceive these changes and what challenges and opportunities they bring. By taking part in this survey, you'll contribute to the efforts to collect and share deeper insights into the current state of digital fashion and web3.

Digital fashion is a wave, with more and more brands exploring the potential of creating virtual clothing and experiences. With the rise of web3 and the metaverse, digital fashion has become a dynamic new medium for self-expression, allowing creators and users to experiment with their style in fresh and thrilling ways. However, the integration of web3 tools such as blockchain systems and smart contracts is still in its early stages, leaving many questions about how these technologies can be used in the fashion industry to create new business opportunities and how they can empower decentralized communities.

This survey aims to explore the attitudes and behaviors of users towards digital fashion and web3. Your participation is crucial to help understand the challenges and opportunities that digital fashion present, as well as the culture that shapes it. And it will only take you 5-7 minutes to complete! We plan to publish an ungated analysis of the survey findings, so that your valuable input will be read by many and have significant impact on the emerging digital fashion culture. Take this opportunity to shape the future of fashion by participating in The 2023 CFW Survey today!

Presented by CFW, the company innovating fashion at the crossroads of the multiverse.
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