The Fashion DAO plans a community event during NFT.NYC

The Fashion DAO plans a community event during NFT.NYC
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis / Unsplash

The Fashion DAO, a newly-formed consortium of web3 fashion experts, is organising its first IRL event at the time of NFT.NYC. Described as a community event and a satellite event to the conference, it will be hosted on June 19, a day before NFT.NYC opens.

This meet-up will serve to forge connections in the digital fashion space over food, drinks, music and more. The location of the event is a private address in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tickets can be purchased in advance.

DAOs have developed in relatively small numbers in the digital fashion space, and it remains to be seen the type of contribution they will make. The Fashion DAO has not yet begun any activities but it is taking applications to join.

The founder and leader of The Fashion DAO is Nico Fara, a web3 strategist and entrepreneur. Fara will be speaking on a panel on fashion NFTs at NFT.NYC alongside executives from LVMH, The Fabricant, VaynerNFT and others.