Urban Outfitters partners on Smiley NFT drop

Urban Outfitters partners on Smiley NFT drop
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters x Smiley

Urban Outfitters is partnering on a special NFT launch in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the brand Smiley. The Parisian graffiti artist André Saraiva was commissioned to reimagine the iconic Smiley logo. Saraiva has created a limited edition set of designs that will drop as NFTs on the platform OMG Drops. The NFTs serve as utility tokens that will unlock prizes and rewards for select holders.

Smiley pop-up room at Urban Outfitters

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, Urban Outfitters will also offer a range of Smiley Collectors’ Editions as homeware and fashion pieces online and in-store. Urban Outfitters will direct all profits from the NFT drop to the charity Free Movement Skateboarding.

Born as a symbol for good news in the newspaper France Soir in 1972, Smiley is now a universally recognised TOP 100 global licensing company registered in over 100 countries.