Vyking co-founder explains why AR is shaping digital fashion

Vyking co-founder explains why AR is shaping digital fashion
SNAKERS, Leviathan, courtesy of flex
We spoke to Thibault de Procé, co-founder and CPO of Vyking, about augmented reality and the state of digital fashion. Vyking specializes in providing AR services for footwear brands. The company's newest project is flex, a digital sneaker platform built on the blockchain Tezos.

What was the inspiration for the founding of Vyking?

We were always strong believers in augmented reality and thought the ultimate way for people to express themselves would be through overlaying crazy digital content to their reality. So we decided to build the technology to make this happen!

How is augmented reality shaping digital fashion?

I read a quote from Alber Elbaz summarizing digital fashion pretty well: "If it's not edible, it's not food - if it's not wearable, it's not fashion!" Augmented reality tech is the only way to wear digital fashion onto our physical bodies. AR is shaping digital fashion and will also shape physical fashion, as it will be a way to enhance the physical items we wear.

Tell us about flex and what makes it unique.

flex.fashion is a digital fashion marketplace powered by our body-tracking technology, allowing people to flex their NFTs on their feet. We first wanted to focus on developing high-end AR tech to build a solid foundation for flex. Our AR tech allows you to try on sneakers virtually but also to dress up your pictures using AI. We are starting with sneakers but will expand to the whole body.

What is your favorite sneaker design of all time?

Nike Air Max :) I had a fascination for the air bubble when I was a kid.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the NFT space?

What really excites us is to see digital-only brands being built by and for the metaverse. We saw the success story of what RTFKT achieved and think it's just the first of many! NFTs will allow all these digital fashion creators to finally get paid for their designs.